Mansion Casey Kasem Is Being Held Hostage In

October 9, 2013 by Billionaire Addresses

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Casey Kasem’s voice has been heard in homes around the world, but now it seems his own family can not hear his voice and is not welcome in his home.
Family members of the 81-year-old radio personality have stated that his health is deteriorating due to Parkinson’s disease. His children, brother, and others close to him throughout his life claim Casey’s wife, Jean Kasem, is keeping them from seeing him. On Monday, October.1st, family and friends staged a protest outside of Casey and Jean’s L.A. home. Below are pictures of his home they they protested outside of. Casey Kasem’s Mansion is located in Holmby Hills, California, the ultra-rich Beverly Hills neighborhood.
Kerri Kasem, one of Casey’s daughters from his first marriage to Linda Myers, told L.A.’s ABC7 her stepmother will not answer her phone calls and tells her and her siblings to go away when they knock on the door. “He can’t really speak, but he knows we’re there,” she said. “And last time we saw him, he could shuffle a little bit. He had a hard, very hard, time walking. He was just deteriorating due to Parkinson’s disease.”
The radio legend’s brother Mouner Kasem is also concerned. “I’ve got a feeling I might not see him again, and that’s why I’m here,” he said.
Children, Kerri, Mike, and Julie say they do not have a relationship with their stepmother Jean, who married Casey in 1980. Jean and Casey have one daughter together, Liberty, a singer-songwriter.

Jean is not allowing anyone to see Casey, Chuck Olsen, a friend of Casey’s for 63 years, told ABC7 “no one has been in touch with the star since April 2013”.
Casey’s daughter Kerri insists they don’t want to see the ailing legend in hopes of one day inheriting his fortune. Our sources tell Billionaire Addresses that Casey himself has not left anything to his children, which they are well aware of. “We just don’t want to see him go and not say goodbye and not love him and not support him,” Kerri said. “We don’t know how long he has.”
Jean did not return ABC7’s request for comment. So we ask, Jean, please just explain to us why you will not let people see Casey. we just want to know. If it really is just his desire because of maybe the y way he looks or acts, just have hime call us or allow someone to meet with him. You are acting like a child and getting everyone in the world hating you. Stop this nonsense NOW!

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Back Of Casey Kasem's House

Back Of Casey Kasem’s House High From Above

Closer View Of The Back Of Casey Kasem's Mansion From Above

Back Of Casey Kasem’s Mansion From Above Closer View

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Side Angle View Of Casey Kasem's Mansion From Above Showing Entire Property

Side Angle View Of Casey Kasem’s Home From Above

Closer View Of The Front Of Casey Kasem's Mansion From Above

Closer View Of The Front Of Casey Kasem’s Mansion From Above

Front Of Casey Kasem's Mansion From Above

Front Of Casey Kasem’s Mansion From Above

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Front Of Casey Kasem's Mansion From Above

Casey Kasem’s Mansion From Above

Front Of Casey Kasem's House

Front Of Casey Kasem’s House

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