See The Most Expensive Home & Private Property Ever Sold In America – $147 Million!

May 5, 2014 by Billionaire Addresses

Friday an East Hampton mansion and property was sold for $147 Million, making it the most expensive house sale ever in America.
The beachfront house along the famed Further Lane, with formal gardens and a pond, belonged to Christopher H. Browne, the managing director of an investment firm, and his boyfriend, architect Andrew Gordon.
Browne died of a heart attack in 2009, leaving his holdings to his partner of 10 years, though legal disputes between Gordon’s and Browne’s families weren’t resolved until December 2012, when parties made a secret settlement that allowed Gordon, who was dying of cancer, to live out the rest of his life at the house. When Gordon passed last fall, Browne’s family began quietly shopping around the place.
Browne’s family sold the Hamptons property without using a broker to avoid paying fees and commissions. The property was sold to activist investor Barry Rosenstein. We are sure you will be hearing more about the sale.

The red arrow showing the property sold Overview of the Further Lane Property Mansion of the Most Expensive Residential Property Sold In America Aerial View of the most expensive estate ever sold in the U.S. The pond on the most expensive property sold The Most Expensive Property in the U.S. is now owned by Barry Rosenstein A Higher View Of The Property In The Hamptons Houses on each side of the most expensive property ever sold Front Of The Most Expensive House Sold In The U.S.

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An Image showing the neighbors of the Hamptons property A view from the east of the most expensive property ever sold in the U.S. Another overview of the Hamptons Property A Closer view of the pond at Barry Rosenstiens new property The entrance area of the most expensive property ever sold Showing you the beachside of the mansion A closer view of the most expensive house in the United States Estate of Barry Rosenstein East Hampton, NY-19

The Most Expensive Property Ever Sold in the U.S.

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