Is Billionaire Sumner Redstone, 91, Being Controlled By Girlfriend, 43? Another Victim Of Elder Abuse?

July 17, 2014 by Billionaire Addresses

Is This 91 Year Old Billionaire Being Controlled By His 43 Year Old Girlfriend?

Billionaire Sumner Redstone, the majority owner of CBS and Viacom, seems to be losing control of his personal life. His recent girlfriend, Sydney Holland, 44, has been showing the classic signs of elder abuse by what seems to be a takeover of the billionaires private and personal life.

Billionaire Mailing List has been watching the antics of billionaire Sumner Redstone’s live-in girlfriend, Sydney Holland. To us it seems as though the 43 year old Holland has been thinking she is the the billionaire of the house. According to reports, Holland has been acting as though she is the queen diva of her domain by lashing out at the mansion staff at Sumner’s Beverly Park estate.

Holland, who has been in litigation for 10 months against Heather Naylor, a singer who starred on the short-lived MTV series The Electric Barbarellas, which was steered to the Viacom-owned network by Redstone after he befriended her. Court documents reveal that in August, Holland sued Naylor for $1 million, claiming the performer had stolen Holland’s computer containing “private and confidential” photographs from the Beverly Park home she shares with Redstone.

Since moving into his Beverly Park mansion in LA, Holland has fired most of the household staff, including Carlos Martinez, Redstone’s butler for 13 years, whom Holland is also suing on grounds that he conspired in the computer theft.
What we really believe is that Holland has more incriminating evidence on the computer that would make Redstone realize what is really going on in their relationship, and she needs to make it disappear before anyone else’s prying eyes see it.

What makes things even worse in our opinion is that she has only been Mr. Sumner’s ‘girlfriend’ for 4 years and she recently expressed concerns to friends that she might not be included in the Redstone will. After all he does have two grown children, 59-year-old Shari, and 62-year-old Brent Redstone, that may be a little in the way if she is looking for a big payday after his death.

Redstone is the executive chairman/owner of CBS Corporation and Viacom, which own MTV Networks, BET, and the film studio Paramount Pictures. According to Forbes as of March 2014 he is worth $6.2 billion. If needed, his contact address is available as part of the Billionaire Mailing List, our exclusive private address list of the richest people in the United States.

Below is the home of Sumner Redstone in the exclusive Beverly Park area of Beverly Hills. This is a well known gated community that several billionaires and millionaires live in. As you can see, his home is completely surrounded by other mega mansions. We are sure Ms. Holland has her sights set on having the mansion in her name some day. We will keep you posted.


Billionaire Sumner Redstone Kicks His Longtime Girlfriend Out Of His Mansion.

Billionaire Sumner Redstones Beautiful Beverly Park Mansion

Aerial Mansion Views: Here is another angle of the back of Redstone’s House

The back view of Sumner Redstones Mansion

Billionaire Sumner Redstone’s House – Aerial From The Back

Please Click Images To Enlarge

Aerial of Beverly Park, location of billionaire Sumner Redstone's House

Billionaire Sumner Redstone’s House and Neighborhood In Beverly Hills, CA

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Billionaire Sumner Redstone With Girl Friend, Sydney Holland

Billionaire Sumner Redstone With Girl Friend, Sydney Holland

Another Aerial View Of The Viacom Owners Blue Roofed Home In Beverly Hills

Another Aerial View Of The Viacom Owners Blue Roofed Home In Beverly Hills

Please Click Images To Enlarge

Another Aerial Photo of the Home of Viacom Owner Sumner Redstone's LA Home

Another Aerial Photo of the Home of Viacom Owner Sumner Redstone’s LA Home

The Blue Shingled Roof of Redstones' Mansion Can Be Seen For Miles

The Blue Shingled Roof of Redstone’s Mansion Can Be Seen For Miles

Aerial View: The Front of Sumner Redstone's Beverly Park Mansion

Aerial View: The Front of Sumner Redstone’s Beverly Park Mansion

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Billionaire Sumner Redstone's MansionFrom Above

Another Angle Of The Front Of The Mansion

Sumner Redstones House Has Stands Out With Its Blue Roof

Billionaire Sumner Redstone’s House and Neighborhood In Beverly Hills, CA

For a little more on this subject from our friends at the Hollywood Reporter.
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