Martha Stewart’s Bedford Estate – An Exclusive Aerial View

November 30, 2014 by Billionaire Addresses

We have all heard so much about the queen of Omni Media, Martha Stewart, with her home, party, food, and craft ideas, and have seen thousands of images of her homes, decor, and recipes. However, while thousands of images have been published of her homes, flowers, horses, food, and gardens, most all have been from the ground level and no one has really taken a look from above of the estate where she grows her vegetables, fruits, and animals. None that we have found anyway, so it put us into action.

We have decided to give you a little peek into her ‘little hideaway’ in Bedford, NY, where she lives most of the time, while growing and tending to her garden and livestock (mostly horses). Martha purchased the 153-acre farm in 2000 and, since then, has been gradually restoring and rebuilding, making new additions and refurbishing existing buildings. Once called Sycamore Farms, Martha’s property was first settled in 1784 and is known locally, today, as Cantitoe Corners. (Cantitoe was the wife of an Indian chief named Katonah who lived in the region in the late 1700’s.)
So as usual, being who we are, we just HAD to give our viewers and followers a little inside aerial look at the “Living” legend.

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