“Queen of Versailles” Daughter Found Dead In Mansion

June 8, 2015 by Billionaire Addresses

The 18-year-old daughter of David and Jackie Siegel, who were featured in the 2012 documentary “Queen of Versailles”, was found dead Saturday in their Florida home.
Victoria Siegel was the oldest of 8 children of the Siegels. She was found unresponsive in the family’s Windermere mansion just after 2:00 PM Saturday. She was pronounced dead at Health Central Hospital.

Victoria Siegle Dead At 18

Victoria Siegel From Her Facebook Page

The Green Island Cove Mansion of David Siegel

The Siegel’s Green Island Cove Mansion Which Is Close To Their Larger Mansion

The Siegel's Green Island Mansion

The Front of the Mansion Victoria Was Found Dead At.

Victoria Siegel Was Found Dead In This Green Island Cove, FL Mansion

The Siegel’s “other” mansion where Victoria was found dead.

Victoria Siegel was known to have a problem with prescription drugs and had just recently returned home from rehab before her death.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ … Siegel struggled with Xanax and the family tried to get her help by sending her to rehab on multiple occasions. We’re told her most recent stint ended about two weeks ago.

David and Jackie-Siegel-facebook

We’re told the family is “shocked” by her death because she’d been doing so well since coming home from rehab. She even attended a premiere party for her parents’ recent appearance on “Celebrity Wife Swap” … and everything seemed fine with her.

It’s unclear if Victoria’s addiction issues contributed to her death. But we speculate that Xanax played a major role. Most 18 year olds don’t “just die”. Neither the family nor investigators have released a cause of death.

David Siegel, 80, founded Westgate Resorts, which now has 28 vacation spots throughout the United States. Jackie was Mrs. Florida America in 1992, and has a seat on the Westgate board. Jackie Siegel said the family would release more information about Victoria’s death … but for now she had “no comment.”

In addition to the documentary about their financial struggles to build a 90,000 square foot mansion, the family was featured recently on “Wife Swap.”

Below are images of the 90,000 square foot mansion that always seems to be under construction and doubt it will ever be complete.

We wish the family our condolences.

The "Versailles Mansion"

Aerial View Of The Never Ending Construction of The “Versailles Mansion”

Front view of the 90,000 sq ft mansion

Aerial of the front of the the “Versailles Mansion”

Side View of the 90,000 Square Foot Mansion

Side View of the 90,000 Square Foot Mansion

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The Versailles Mansion Property

Aerial of the entire property the mansion sits on.

The Back of The Versailles Mansion

A closeup of the rear of the mansion and the pool area.


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